Monday, April 12, 2010

Nutrients In - Nutrients Out! Simple way to keep water clean with Floating Wetlands

When nutrients and pollutants keep entering a system - if they are not removed - they accumulate.  The typical pond cleaning cycle involves waiting until the pond is full of nutrients and the algae are blooming rampantly.  Copper sulfate is added to kill the algae and the algae die and drop to the bottom of the pond.  Soon however, the dead algae release consumed nutrients back into the water and the cycle begins again.  The missing component to the equation is the NUTRIENTS OUT link.  Floating wetlands can help resolve this issue through a program of managed periodic biomass removal.  Biomass contains sequestered nutrients.  The harvesting or pruning of the aquatic plants on the floating platform permanently removes nutrients from the pond, helping with the nutrient balance in the water.  Harvested biomass can be composted for reuse in landscapes, reducing the need for fertilizers.  Nutrients in and nutrients out.  Call Kevin - 904-294-2656.

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