Monday, March 15, 2010

Floating Wetlands - Florida - Open Architecture Mat for Floating Wetland Allows Sunlight and O2/CO2 Exchange

The open architecture of the floating wetland pictured above allows for a level of sunlight to penetrate the platform and reach the water column below.  Sunlight blockage has always been an overriding concern about floating wetland mats and the system here solves that significant issue.

The photo above shows how the native aquatic plants are placed into the grid.  Because the grid is two inches thick and open in structure both vertically and horizontally, the root system of the aquatic plants can grow laterally as well as vertically.

Supporting LEED and the Sustainability issue that is on everyone's radar - this platform brings significant LEED and Green Building points with its 95% post-consumer recycled content (polypropylene).

Call Kevin for more info on this floating wetland platform system.  904-294-2656.

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