Friday, March 26, 2010

Stormwater BMPs - Floating Wetlands - Gainesville, Florida - Managed Aquatic Plant Systems

Pictured here are three pictures of week 3 deployments.  Lake Alice looked lush and full with several waterfowl swimming around the island.  The downtown stormwater pond - Tumblin Creek Park - appeared to be growing also - and was host to several turtles sunning themselves.  Finally, the Brownfield site - where we expect to receive alot of valuable data on pollutant removal efficiencies - the floating wetland deployed at the Brownfield Site had waterfowl and ducks clustered among the plants.

Questions as to the additional nutrient input from wildlife use remain to be analyzed, however the floating wetland platforms appear to be preforming as expected!  Check back for further updates, or sign up to follow the blog.  Kevin.

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